8 arguments, for use of Solar Panels.


12 years international experience in building Solar Panel Systems.


More than four hundred companies operating in Hungary have a well-functioning solar system.


Our Solar Panel Systems operate throughout the country.


We build your Solar Cell Systems from the finest equipment and materials!


We undertake full administration of our clients.


From the current competitions/application options, we select and write the best fit for your ideas, with which you can get 50% non-refundable state support on your system for installation.


Our staff and technicians are well-trained specialists who will have the least disadvantage for you during a few days of installation.


The price of a solar system will be reimbursed over the lifetime of the system, while saving the Earth several tons of CO2 per year.


Complete administration of solar systems, from design to implementation.

The future will not begin here..
It is here!
Simple, sustainable and environmentally conscious.

About Solar Energy (basic information)

Small Power Plant (up to 500kW) KÁT and METÁR

Install a power plant:

if 3×80 The connection to the site is larger than the connection, or
own transformer is on site or
income-generating investment (KÁT, METÁR, etc.)!

If you have a connection of more than 3 × 80 A, you can meet your needs with a solar system, but you have to disable the benefits of annual accounting and settle monthly on ¼ hour profiles (the provider provides the appropriate measurement and data service ). This is the case even if the site has its own trafó.

In the case of a revenue-generating investment, it is worthwhile to strive for less than 500 kVA because it needs to comply with considerably stricter specifications than 500 kW, therefore multi-MW power plants typically consist of more than 499 systems (Keszü: 19pcs of 499kW system).

The entry into the KÁT system on 1 January 2018 could be claimed until 31 December 2016.

From 1 January 2009, the new Hungarian renewable electricity system, the METAR, was introduced. The old KÁT system was closed, which meant that after 31 December 2016 a new KÁT claim could only be submitted under the METAR and only in the case of 0.5 MW of built-in power, but the old binding system (KÁT ) will remain valid for the old producers until their existing contracts expire. The financing of the system is the same as the KÁT, giving the system’s primary financiers a new name: “KÁT and Premium are liable to pay cash”.

Do not forget about the operation of small-scale power plants because the lack of it can mean serious losses!


kWh, i.e. kilowatt-hour – this is the unit of energy spent or just restored. The electricity bill is consumed per unit of kWh consumed and one of the most important questions of the well-dimensioned system is how much is the annual electricity consumption (kWh / year)?

kWp, i.e. kilowattpeak – the power of the solar cells is expressed in kWp according to the STC (Standard Test Conditions: 1000 W / m2, 1.5 AirMass, 25 ° C cell temperature). This is why we can compare every product of every manufacturer!

solar cell – there are many types of solar cells, but typically in monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar cells. Both have the advantage over the other, resulting from different manufacturing technologies. Choosing the right one for each system should always be determined individually.

supporting structure – solar cells can be placed in countless places, but it’s a must: they need to ensure their quality fixing to withstand weather conditions for up to 35-40 years! Insufficient material selection can not only cause material injury but also cause personal injury!

solar cable – solar panels produce direct current, which must be delivered to the inverter. These special cables must be double insulated, UV resistant and have a certificate of minimum 20 years!

inverter – the most important element of solar systems, as the inverter (in addition to converting direct current to alternating current) is responsible for meeting all safety requirements, as an unexpected event (accident) may result in life-threatening life! It’s no coincidence that service providers have an authorized inverter list, and there is nothing else to use!

surge protection – AC service provider requires minimum T2 (old C-s) surge protection, but (although not mandatory) it is recommended to always place the DC side as well, as it may damage us if it is important.

remote-controlled fire protection isolator – a protection device as required by the Fire Protection Technical Guideline (TVMI) as of March 1, 2015, which is applicable in some cases when installing solar systems. The purpose of the fire protection switch is to protect the firefighter in the event of a fire.

HMKE- Small Power Plant for Home use

The essence of a small household power plant is that it is possible to enable the system in a lightened, accelerated, simplified procedure. This category is an easing that serves the population and small businesses. Its essence is that the energy produced can be used at any time between the annual readings, so that we can replenish them in the summer, spend it in the winter or at night without any batteries. The battery is expensive, has a finite capacity, it goes down every few years and is terribly environmentally damaging!

It is important that this category is not designed to generate income but to reduce or even reset our own electricity bill! An example is the easiest to illustrate:

Suppose someone has an annual consumption of 5500 kWh / year. (If the price of energy is about 36Ft / kWh, then 16500Ft / month means electricity bill).

If the system is well sized, the point will produce 5500 kWh of energy and when the electricity meter reader comes, it reads that the difference between the energy consumed and the re-energized power is 0 kWh and then the service provider draws the annual invoice accordingly . (Connection fee is still to be paid, it can not be deducted from production!) This is the ideal case!

If we produce less energy than we consume, for example. “Only” is 5400 kWh of system production, then our consumption will be 100 kWh per year, ie 100 kWh * 36 HUF / kWh = 3600 HUF the annual electricity bill! This is also close to ideal!

If we produce more than we consume, the service provider is legally obliged to pay a part of the energy charge! However, the energy fee is only for approx. half, so you have to pay 15-17 HUF / kWh and you only have to pay an invoice! It is easy to calculate, therefore, that the system is not worth significantly oversizing, because the surplus production will not replenish the premium. (Small oversize is, however, a good decision in the long run, as we typically grow our consumption habits, solar production decreases linearly, and the sun does not even blink every year!)

HMKE Annual Accounts to be requested max. 3×80 Up to the connection!

Our Services

Needs Assessment

A good investment is at the very beginning!
Location search, connection options.
Clarify basic criteria, define goals!
Full reconciliation of opportunities!
Legislation, regulations

Project Launch

Design optimization – the foundation for long-term success! 1-2% yield improvement over 25 years means millions!
Cost optimization – the cheapest is sometimes the most expensive, but the most expensive is not the best!

Aplication Options

KÁT, METÁR, AGRO – Full Administration


Provision of landscaping, connection, property protection, implementation

Project Finishing

Installation, trial operation, start-up


Scheduling, forecasting and reporting to government agencies (MAVIR, MEKH)
Provide continuous operation, continuous troubleshooting (eg thermal imaging), troubleshooting
Maintenance – for maximum yield (solar cleaning, area maintenance, etc.) – 1-2% Millions!

Our References

For Individuals

Reset your bills and even your gas bills! FOREVER!
100% of the electricity needs are covered by the Solar System.
By upgrading your home you can also heat your heating by electric power.
Solution: electric convector or fridge-heating air conditioner, electric hot water boiler …

For Apartment Houses

People living in condominiums are usually paid at common costs in common areas
spent electricity, staircase lighting, or running the elevator and running the house ventilation.
These costs for a larger condominium are millions per apartment
costs thousands of forints annually.

For Companies

With our solar systems, you can optimize, plan, and use energy, save costs for development,
maybe you can spend it on expanding your company. Your company’s operating costs can be reduced most efficiently using, among other things, using renewable energies. Investing in solar power systems will generally be recovered within 10 years and will generate the energy needed to run the business for at least 15 years practically free of charge.

For Governments

In the 2014-2020 cycle, local governments and local authorities are expected to be invited by GINOP, KEHOP, TOP, VEKOP. tenders related to local government-owned companies. The promotion of renewable energy sources will be a major focus in the next cycle, as confirmed by the country’s National Reform Program.


A napelem rendszer támogatása több féle pályázattal történhet.
Cégünk partnereivel együtt vállalja a pályázatok menedzselését.

Maintance Options for Governments

Maintance Options for Companies

Maintance Options for Individuals


The sun produces unimaginable amount of energy for us. In addition, not only today, but millions of years ago, it has been able to do this for millions of years.


Solar cell: The solar cell is a photovoltaic element that transforms solar radiation energy directly into electricity. The material of the solar panels is semiconductor. Energy conversion takes place in semiconductor material. The basis for energy conversion is that it generates electrically-charged charged particles in the absorption of light which are constrained by the electro-chemical potential of the device and the built-in electrical space due to the electron discharge operations.


Inverter: The inverter is an electronic converter that has the task of converting the DC-generated DC into AC. The AC can then be replenished in the network.


Two-way meter: When connected to a local network, our production and consumption is measured on a special electricity meter that counts both incoming and outgoing electricity, and at the end, the difference between the two will be on the invoice. It is advisable to choose annual accounts with your service provider, as this will compensate for the fluctuations caused by the seasons and days, which means that the surplus produced in the summer compensates for the fact that we consume more than we produce in winter.


Home Appliances: Electric household appliances in our household.


Electrical network



Solar Panels/Cells



Solar panel data sheet download

The future will not begin here..
It is here!
Simple, sustainable and environmentally conscious.


The future will not begin here. It is here! Simple, sustainable and environmentally conscious.

Benefits of Steel Structured Houses


Aaverage lead time of 30 to 60 days due to dry technology, prefabricated and on-site components, and simplified workflows.

Energy saving, excellent heat and sound insulation

The heating cost of a steel-framed house is about 50-70% lower than that of conventional constructions. A good thermal insulation and a solar system built on the roof structure provide energy saving in zero energy. The steel structures are A + and approximate the level of passive houses.

Space Saving

For steel structures, the walls are only 20 cm thick, which corresponds to a brick wall of 70 cm thick with excellent insulating properties or a normal 38 cm brick wall with 28 cm insulation. Thinner walls in the same area result in more useful floor space.


Optimum use of materials and less waste during operational preparation. Thinner walls create more useful floor space. Short construction time and streamlined processes less live work, less onsite work, less errors, which means lower costs. From design to implementation, to end work, everything is in one hand.

Earthquake Resistance

The earthquake resistance of steel structures is much better than traditional buildings, mainly due to the flexible frame structure.

Easier Reconstruction and Expansion

Due to the metal outer structure and the plasterboard steel frame structure, the internal rebuilding is easy, fast and clean. The exterior work of expansion can be solved outside the building, and it only meets the dusty and dirty moments of construction work in the final door opening phase, which lasts for a maximum of 1-2 hours.

Long Lasting

Buildings made of a steel structure, thanks to the excellent properties of steel – can be retained in the system as a treated structure – even for millennia. Buildings made of steel were exposed to weather even at hundreds of years (see Eiffel Tower). In the world, most of the office buildings and warehouses are made with a similar structure, which is not a coincidence.


Buildings made of steel structure have a simple, clean design.

Due to the excellent properties of steel – which can be treated as a treated system – can last for millennia. Buildings made of steel were exposed to weather even at hundreds of years (see Eiffel Tower).


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